Bocephus King

Known for his worldly folk sound, Bocephus King (James Perry), has played music for crowds around the globe as well as collaborated with master musicians from all over the world, and quite fittingly. Bocephus King carries a sound from places near and far, familiar and foreign, rooted in folk tradition and infused with his contemporary, unique approach. He is a storyteller through and through and his ability to connect with his listeners transcends cultures.

The upcoming album, The Illusion of Permanence, due for release via Tonic Records Spring 2015, is the collaboration between James Perry, Ali Razmi, Hamin Honari and Owen B. Connell. Together as Bocephus King & Orchestra Familia, the group has toured through extensively through Italy + Canada throughout 2014.

Bocephus King began his musical career 18 years ago in the fall of 1996. He and a group of friends (including Jesse Zubot, Steve Dawson, Dan Marcus, Doug Fujisawa, Craig Ducommun) recorded an album at his family’s cabin in Point Roberts, Washington. With the album Joco Music complete, Bocephus King mailed copies to various magazines, promoters and record labels and waited. Up and down the West Coast of Canada and the United States, in bars, coffee shops- you name it, he played it. Joco Music got the attention of New West Records, making Bocephus King one of the first acts signed. Through New West Records, A Small Good Thing was recorded in Minnesota and Vancouver with The Rigallatos; Darren Parris, Paul Rigby, Dan Parry and Doug Fujisawa. Accompanied by The Rigallatos, Bocephus King toured the United States, Canada and Europe and recorded a follow up record titled The Blue Sickness. The success of The Blue Sickness kept Bocephus King on the road for 3 years, while producing artists Andre Parodi and Chris Springer at the same time. His next records, released with Tonic Records, All Children Believe in Heaven (2004) and Willie Dixon God Damn! (2010), marked a significant change as he experimented with sounds and found his own voice. Earlier in 2014, Amarcord, a retrospective on Bocephus King’s career was released in Italy. Amarcord celebrates years of touring Italy and the strong fan base he’s inspired there.

Amarcord and The Illusion of Permanence will be played to audiences across the world as Bocephus King and Bocephus King & Orchestra Familia continue to tour the festival circuit. Bocephus King’s collaborative nature, cross-cultural style and authentic storytelling make his performances ones that make you feel as though you’ve left the room or field you arrived to hear him in for another place altogether.