Buckman Coe

Roots music with a global world beat. Drawing from soul, folk, Americana, rock, and reggae, Buckman Coe and his band craft and perform uplifting and conscious music for the people.

His recent release Malama Ka ’Aina (pr:  Ma-LA-ma  kah-AY-nuh) – a Hawaiian phrase meaning to respect the land and live in harmony – is a gorgeous and downright infectious manifestation of the artist’s spiritual nature and passion for social justice.

With the masterful production by global/electronic artist Adham Shaikh and musician-activist Jason Kechely, Coe creates ethereal, soul-drenched vocals that soar over arrangements celebrating the awakening of social consciousness and global unity.

Malama Ka ’Aina is a danceable album filled with positive vibes. Its strength is its ability to thematically bridge participation in civil society and celebrate life, love, and humanity. It deals with the destructive nature of capitalism and corporate media while reflecting on the importance of community and the natural environment. The stories in Malama Ka ’Aina are told over spirited melodic builds, soulful harmonies, and powerful horn arrangements.

Buckman Coe and his band’s lively performances have established them as festival favourites along the Pacific Northwest and Internationally. Highlights include:

2015: Oregon Country Fair, Axis Mundi Festival, Blessed Coast, Golden Sound Festival, Robson Valley Festival, Wapiti Festival, ArtsWells Festival, Midsummer Festival, Tall Tree Festival, Music Matters Live (Singapore), Grass Roots Festival (Taiwan);

2014: BIGSOUND (Australia), Calgary Reggae Festival, Edge of the World Festival;

2013: Starbelly Jam, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, opening for Ziggy Marley;

2012: Salmon Arm Roots & Blues.

Readers of WE Vancouver voted Buckman Coe as the Best Band in Vancouver, and readers of the Georgia Straight voted him the second best indie band.

Plans for Malama Ka ‘Aina in 2016 include tours of Australia, Asia, USA, and Canada. With this release, Coe stands to become even more celebrated by those who love him and much better known among those who don’t.

“I believe in humankind / I believe in human kindness.” – Buckman Coe in “False Flags”


“If you enjoy the laid-back likes of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, odds are good that you’re going to love this unrelentingly positive, completely accomplished triumph” – Georgia Straight

“If this were 1973, back when singer-songwriters ruled the earth, with a couple of breaks and a bit of AM radio airplay, he’d be busy cashing gold-record royalty cheques and house-hunting in
Laurel Canyon” – Mike Usinger