December 5, 2020

Terence Jack Premieres ‘Heart In Head Out’ at Warehouse Studios – December 4th at 7pm

If you’ve been missing out on seeing live music this year, Vancouver indie artist Terence Jack has just what you need! Starting today, Terence will be a releasing a video every 2 weeks via his social channels as part of his Warehouse Sessions video series, which features live versions of select songs from his new album Bloom (released on November 13th) recorded live at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC. 

The first video, out today, is fan favourite ‘Heart In, Head Out’ which is still gaining traction at campus radio having been added to over 90 stations across Canada and the US. Exploring the Bloom songs with his friends at The Warehouse Studio was a magical experience for Terence, challenging him to let go and just allow the songs to take their new form. 

“Most songs from Bloom originated on an acoustic guitar and took on a new life emerging with a bigger sound through the recording,” says Terence. “It’s always a time of growth to relearn how to play the songs after they’re spit out the other side. I remember all of us buzzing during this session. There was lots of love in the room.”

Released less than a month ago, the buzz for Terence’s latest album Bloom just keeps building with a slow burn kind of pace. The album is getting great reaction from campus radio and has almost 36K streams on Spotify so far. And the momentum will just keep building with the release of more live videos throughout December and January. After the first livestream/video premiere on December 4th at 7pm PST on Terence’s YouTube page, check in every second Friday (next one is December 18th) to see what else he has in store.