April 17, 2020
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Satellite and the Harpoonist release video

SATELLITE AND THE HARPOONIST – The new supergroup from The Harpoonist and the Axe  Murderer’s Shawn Hall, Featuring Members of the Deep Dark Woods, The Boom Booms, and King Missile III


The band shares the first glimpse into those sights and sounds with the video for the new single “Ballet In A Phone Booth”, the trippy, groove-heavy, rock ‘n’ soul lead single featuring a guest appearance from Royal Canoe’s Matt Peters.

“Ballet In A Phone Booth” is a direct reference to Terry O’Reilly’s ‘Age of Persuasion’ referring to the art of making commercials in 30 seconds and the absurdity of our short attention spans in these times. “I wrote it at the Banff Centre on one of their 106 pianos,” says Shawn Hall. “To me it reflects the spiralling of our current predicament and how easy it is to be lost in our collective mad descent, while still being lovingly engaged and aware of our situation.”

Director Peter Ricq said of the video, “I had this idea for a video using vintage animated landscapes as a theme. When I started editing all these images together, what kept popping up was ‘Man vs. Nature’. We are really losing the beauty that our world has and even had to offer. You’d think that after all these decades, we wouldn’t need to be reminded by now, but it’s obviously never-ending. Also as a bonus, I’m trying to hypnotize the audience to get on the dance floor and shake their booty.”