June 25, 2020

Listen to Satellite and the Harpoonist’s New Single, “Satellite Man”

Satellite and the Harpoonist have released a new single and title track of their upcoming EP, “Satellite Man”! Listen and save now on Spotify.

Shawn Hall on Satellite Man: “Jonas Shandel and I set out to write the story of a reclusive guy living out a careless vision of a dream via his TV set, and the inevitable jonesing that one experiences going down that path. When Bradford Reed showed up to the recording session from NYC, he encouraged all the players to channel Bobbie Gentry’s approach to the song (sleepy & dusty). As the session went on, It ended up sounding more and more like ‘War’s version of Ode to Billy Joe, or Harry Nilsson’s Lime in the Coconut. Either way, someone was spending a great deal of time cocktailing with Sammy Davis Jr.”