Live, News — January 5th, 2017

JAN 12th: A Circle in the Fire VIII


Happy New Year, everyone! We’re back with our monthly folk night at The Heatley with host Rodney DeCroo next Thursday, January 12th.


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Rodney DeCroo is a songwriter, poet and playwright. He has released 6 full-length albums, an album of poetry set to music (Allegheny), a book of poetry (Allegheny, BC) and a theatre production (Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town) that received critical acclaim at several Canadian fringe and writers festivals. His recent album Campfires on the Moon has produced something as beautiful on the surface as a dusk-painted reflecting pool, as shadowy below as his own tumultuous psyche. DeCroo is wrestling with regret, loss, aging, love, memory, death, art—always with his own ongoing recovery embedded in the background. DeCroo’s album and performances draw upon his greatest natural resource—his poetry.

Vancouver based singer/songwriter/painter, Kelly Haigh, creating cosmic country, with a little help from a singing dog.

Joline Baylis is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter poised to take her music far beyond the city that has shaped her. With a voice reminiscent of Eva Cassidy and Ani Difranco, her original material is fresh, haunting, and deeply personal. In her three years performing in Vancouver, Joline has crafted an intimate and powerful solo show. She has played renowned local venues and festivals around BC, including Arts Wells, Harmony Arts, and Tiny Lights. She has also built a loyal following by busking extensively, bringing her captivating live show to the unsuspecting masses, creating intimacy in an unlikely setting. Now, Joline is taking her soulfully written songs to new depths and new heights, by welcoming Kenton Loewen on drums (Dan Mangan and Blacksmith, The Crackling), Wynston Minckler on bass (Bocephus King) and Paul Pigat on electric guitar (Cousin Harley, Neko Case). The band has played together at The China Cloud and The Media Club, and has recently completed production on Joline’s first full-length album, due out early 2017.

Terence Jack emerges with an energetic and refreshingly authentic sound on EP Never Get Back, packed with epic dynamics, big builds, and a nod to classical rock ‘n’ roll. The infectious energy and rawness of his band’s performances have earned Terence Jack slots at major Canadian festivals over the past several summers alongside The Arkells, The Matinée, Plants & Animals, and Black Lips. Terence Jack brings a soulful timbre, a rock gospel groove and a polished wave of synths all at once. He will give you some earnest rock ‘n’ roll endorphins and make it look easy.