July 8, 2015
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Buckman Coe – Summer Tour + Upcoming Release



Buckman Coe has more festival + show dates lined up for his tour this summer. Check out the new additions below!  Catch the Buckman Coe band on tour and hear music from the upcoming album Malama Ka ‘Aina to be released September 25, 2015.


Malama Ka ‘Aina (“Respect the Land” in Hawai’ian) is a collection of songs that follows the journey of humankind’s global and cultural waking up to their responsibilities.  It’s a soulful album of feel-good, dancey melodies that celebrates our connections to the earth and to each other.


“I believe in human kind / I believe in human kindness” – Buckman Coe in “False Flags” from Malama Ka ‘Aina


Stream a sample of Malama Ka ‘Aina here:

July 10 – 12: Oregon Country Fair – Elmira, OR, USA
July 18: Green Frog Tavern – Bellingham, WA
July 31 – Aug 3: Artswells Festival – Wells, BC
Aug 5: Lorenzo’s Cafe w/ QLVN – Enderby, BC
Aug 7 – 9: Wapiti Festival w/ QLVN – Fernie, BC
Aug 14-16: Robson Valley Music Festival – Dunster, BC
Aug 20: Mike Juke Joint – Calgary, AB
Aug 21-23 Golden Sound Festival – Golden, BC
Aug 21-24 Blessed Coast – TBA
Sept 18: Axis Mundi Festival – Revelstoke, BC
Sept 24: Imperial Malama Ka ‘Aina Album Release Party – Vancouver, BC


For details on shows visit tonicrecords.com/shows


About QLVN:
QVLN is a collective of incredibly accomplished and passionate artists and producers. Headed by lead singer/violinist Quetzal Guerrero, the group is at the forefront of music genre evolution and exploration. With an intense understanding of Latin and world rhythms QVLN’s directive is to navigate all forms of musical expression with the violin at its helm. From Blues to Bossa Nova, Forró to Funk this group will take you on a musical journey that is sure to open new realms in the hearts and minds of their new found fans.
Check out a video from QLVN here.