December 4, 2015
News, Released

A Real Fine Mess (Deluxe Version) Double LP OUT NOW!


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It’s finally here- the A Real Fine Mess (Deluxe Version) double LP!
This double LP features the tracks from the A Real Fine Mess CD + 4 bonus tracks with remixes from Matthew “The Axe Murderer” Rogers, Gordie Johnson + a new song.

BUY: A Real Fine Mess (Deluxe Version) physically here + on iTunes here

Track listing:

1. Black and Blue
2. Do Whatcha
3. Tea For Two
4. Mama’s in the Backseat
5. Closer to Death

6. Feel Me Now
7. Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To
8. My Paradise
9. In and Out of Love
10. Sweat This Pain

11. Cry a Little
12. In The End
13. Act Your Age
14. A Real Fine Noise

15. Where Did Ya Go?
16. Tea For Two (Matthew Rogers Remix)
17. Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To (Gordie Johnson Remix)
18. Where Did Ya Go? (Gordie Johnson Mix)

Release date: December 4, 2015